Adoohad is offering the city new flexibility in its streetscape and usage policy, and is giving advertisers new opportunities to launch original marketing concepts.


The basis of the Adoohad system is a base unit that is anchored into the pavement or street. The base unit houses an up-to-date package of connections, including power and data facilities, sensors (for vandalism/impact) and an automatic locking mechanism. This locking mechanism not only links the base unit to the upper section, but also automatically connects the components of the upper section to power and data facilities. 

Changing the upper section takes less than 2 minutes.

You decide what to mount on the base unit, depending on opportunities that present themselves or your requirements at the time.

Here are a few examples:

- Christmas time: the perfect time to install an LCD screen. The content can still be read during the long     winter evenings, the system provides the maximum number of faces, and so maximum yield too.

- Off-season periods: paper posters may be a better option during the summer months. Perfectly readable in bright daylight, they are better suited to a lower advertising volume and use practically no electricity.

- Organising an event in the city? Then you may want to use CCTV monitoring or street furniture.

- If there is smog, the city can install air sensors to monitor air quality

And what can we look forward to in terms of 3D sculptures as a marketing tool? With or without electronic displays. Will it be the new trend? OR The INTERNET OF THINGS?

Arranged BVBA - Meremweg 37C - 3740 BIlzen - Belgium